Information for interested companies concerning the one-year-internship

Internship Informatikmittelschule

Three years of school education at the Informatikmittelschule (IMS) are followed by a one-year internship in a company. IMS colleges are state-funded schools that are aimed at high-achieving students in particular.

During the three years of school education at Kantonsschule Hottingen (in co-operation with BZZ Horgen), IMS students complete the same computer science modules within the Application Development specialisation as are prescribed in the four-year dual-training (schooling plus apprenticeship). Thus, at the beginning of the internship, these students will have fully completed their professional education.

Information for interested companies

Is your company interested in being on our list of businesses offering an internship year? If so, please do not hesitate to contact Stephan Amstutz (Deputy Head, responsible for IMS programme).

In addition, and in co-operation with Kantonsschule Büelrain, we also offer a meet-and-greet event to bring together potential employers with future internship candidates.